about me

I’m an American Latina livin’ it up in Austin, Texas (and soon relocating a little further south!).

I ran off to New Zealand after college graduation – from skydiving, to island hopping, to living in a van – it was the best year yet.

Now, the real fun has begun. I live in the ‘burbs. I am a wife & mama. I’m a seasoned marketing communications consultant, and an aspiring fashion stylist. And, I have too many shoes to fit in a van.

This is my life.



A few more things you should know about me:

• I started my blog in April 2017, and while I am still finding my groove, I am all about having a blast and putting it all out there (except photos of my kiddo’s face!).
• My blog is part of my brand, which encompasses my business, my job and my livelihood.
• While my blog content focuses on faith, fashion and family, I am open to exploring outside content for the right brand. (like – I do love to cook and eat…just sayin’)
• I have more than 8 years of PR, marketing and content creating experience and it’s with the same professionalism that I approach my brand and this blog.

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